2014-2015 Season
Play Readings
Archipelago by Caridad Svich
Catapult by Natasha Smith
Octagon by Kristiana Colón
After Picasso by Stephen Wrentmore

Shelly Taylor & Harmony Holiday
Caren Beilin & TC Tolbert
Chris Martin, Mary Austin Speaker & Margaree Little
Rebecca Seiferle & William Pitt Root

2013-2014 Season
Play Readings
Spark by Caridad Svich
Los Matadores by Silvia Gonzalez S.
Samsara by Lauren Yee
Albatross by Matthew Spangler & Benjamin Evett
WordUp: Showcase of New Works

Boyer Rickel & Aisha Sabatini Sloan
Clark Coolidge & Tere Fowler-Chapman
Matias Viegener & Ander Monson
Jane Miller & Orlando White
Charles Alexander

2012-2013 Season
Play Readings
Kill Shakespeare by Anthony del Col & Conor McCreery
Savage Bond by Steve Holiday
The Narrows by Nick Bailey
Ghetto Babylon by Michael Mejias
War of the Worlds by Carrie J. Cole
Tortilla Curtain by Matthew Spangler

Samuel Ace & Karen Brennan
Brandon Shimoda & Joy Williams

2011-2012 Season
Play Readings
La Bella Familia by Edwin Sanchez
The Last Red Book by Michael Fenlason
Used to Was (Maybe Did) by Brian Dykstra
Wetback by Elaine Romero

Hunka by Larissa FastHorse
The Color of Stars by Dwayne Hartford

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