Friday, October 10, 2014

Archipelago by Caridad Svich - Reserve Your Seat Now!

TUCSON: 8pm Saturday, Oct. 11th @ The Temple Lounge
PHOENIX: 7pm Sunday, Oct. 12th @ Herberger Theater Center, KAX Stage

A work of linguistic beauty and eloquence, Archipelago introduces a transient world, both a part of our existence and somehow separate from it, that defies description in its quest to explore why, ultimately, we do what we do.  In a place that may be here or might not exist, in an age that may be now or might be yet to come, Caridad Svich sculpts a tale of love, of time, of poetry, and of the imagination from which her characters construct, deconstruct, and reshape a world for an audience to absorb, to reflect, and reassemble. 

$5 at the door.  Reserve your seat now by emailing

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